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One of the fastest growing sports in the world!


We are ourselves dedicated pickleball players who want to showcase the sport and allow as many people as possible to try it out. With our backgrounds from tennis, badminton, table tennis and padel, we have a long experience in racket sports and started playing pickleball in 2019. We started Pickleball Solutions in 2020 and established GAMMA Pickleball Sweden the same year.

We have exclusive rights for the GAMMA brand in pickleball. GAMMA has a solid background in tennis and in pickleball being a world leader in developing products for both sports.

Pickleball Solutions’ overall approach includes working with municipalities, schools, the Swedish Sports Confederation RF, various special associations, sports clubs and sports facilities.

Together with our partners, we have extensive knowledge of how to build pickleball courts – both indoors and outdoors. We have various court surfaces and outdoor nets available in our assortment.

We can help you start a new pickleball club or section with the help of our partner Pickleball Sweden Club.

All of us are educated coaches according to the guidelines of the Swedish Sports Confederation and RF-SISU.

The potential for the Swedish market for pickleball is huge and Sweden’s interest in the new raquet sport is soaring. By delivering quality products and services and spreading pickleball across Europe, we hope to help the sport grow in both the best and fastest ways possible. Through collaboration with ambassadors and top Swedish players within Team GAMMA and with access to high quality products and GAMMA Sports expertise, we hope to make this possible. We will make sure to grow pickleball in Europe. We are a total supplier when it comes to pickleball.


You need a court equivalent to the outer lines of a badminton court. A net that is either a submersible badminton net or a portable pickleball net. A pickleball paddle and a ball designed for pickleball. We are a distributor of the leading established American brand GAMMA so we can guarantee that you will get high quality products from us.

You can find paddles, balls, nets and other pickleball products in our webshop through the link below.


An important part of getting many people interested in pickleball is to let everyone try to play and with the help of our experienced instructors learn the game faster. Pickleball has some unique rules that you won’t find in other racket sports, which makes it more exciting. We offer trainings for both smaller and larger groups.

A basic training session is held for about 3 hours. After this, there is further training, which is particularly popular with sports clubs who want to include pickleball in their activities. Additional leadership courses are available to teach and coach pickleball independently.

Please contact us if you are interested in our training classes. It is a very quick and effective way to get started with pickleball where you are at.

We who hold the courses are all educated coaches according to the guidelines of the Swedish Sports Confederation and RF-SISU.


We build both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. Depending on the original surface the conditions may be different. It could be a tennis court where we then build several pickleball courts on roughly the same floor area with a hardcourt structure. It can also be a padel court converted into a pickleball court – with or without the glass walls being kept. This also means that we use posts and nets designed for pickleball. The net posts can either be bolted to the ground or put into holes with sleeves similar to tennis net posts. We only work with high quality products and currently have Nordic exclusivity
to the world-leading brands GAMMA Sports and the hard-court coating GreenSet. Our range also includes plastic flooring for indoor and outdoor events and displays. As a customer, you can choose your own colors to match the other courses or why not a completely new color combination.


Pickleball has been played in the USA since 1965 and the sport came to Sweden around 2017. It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and there is a lot of interest in Sweden in particular. The game resembles a combination of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Playing pickleball requires a court, equipment and players. A typical indoor pickleball court is based on a badminton court with either a lowerable badminton net or a portable pickleball net. The equipment consists of paddles and a ball. And finally, players; either two players in singles or four players in doubles. Both singles and doubles are played on the same court size which is somewaht unique for pickleball. The outdoor court either has a fixed net similar to tennis or a portable pickleball net.

Check out the video below for a short introduction.

The video below briefly shows five basic rules for playing pickleball.


Score & Match

Matches are normally played to the best of three games, with one game normally played to 11, where you have to win by two. You only score on your own serve. You can play both singles and doubles.

The server continues to serve until the team loses the point. In doubles, the serve then passes within the team and only when the other server has lost his or her serve does the serve pass to the opponents. The rule has one important exception: the team that starts serving in each game only has one server (the second server).

The score is given in a series of three – first the serving team’s score, then the receiving team’s score and finally whether server one or two has the serve. For example, 3-7-1 means that the serving team has three points, the receiving team has seven points and the serving team should serve with their first server.


The serve is hit with underhand strokes. The server should be positioned behind the baseline when the racket hits the ball and the serve should be hit diagonally into the server box on the other side of the net.

Return and the third stroke

Neither the serve nor the shot after the third shot may be hit with a volley. This means that the receiving team must let the ball bounce before returning the ball and the serving team must let the return bounce before hitting the ball over the net. After the return, players can hit the ball both on the volley or after a bounce on the court.

The kitchen

On both sides of the net there is an area called the ‘kitchen’. Players may not enter the kitchen unless the ball has bounced inside the kitchen first. The kitchen is thus a “non-volley zone”. In pickleball, players do not get closer to the net than the kitchen line unless it is necessary to knock over a ball that has bounced in the kitchen.


Rules for playing pickleball can be found by clicking on the button below. The link is to the International Pickleball Federation (IFP). These official rules are available in English in the left-hand menu under Rules.

Rating according to USAPA

To make it easier to understand how each player compares to others, a rating system that grades the player’s level is used. This rating is developed by the American Pickleball Association (USAPA) and is described below.

Rating 1.0

Pickleball players with a 1.0 skill rating are new to the game. They have a general understanding of the rules but they have no experience on the court. These players may not have a background from any other sports either.

Rating 1.5

A player with a skill level of 1.5 is slightly more advanced than a beginner. They can hit the ball back and forth but may miss some. These players are still learning how to serve over the net to start playing. At this level, a player learns more about the rules. They have a general understanding of scoring and how certain rules affect how they play. They also understand the basic fundamental shots, even if they have not perfected them yet.

Rating 2.0

Pickleball players with a 2.0 rating advance in their skills. They can keep the ball moving for a short period before it goes wrong. When playing, they can use different strokes such as forehand, backhand and volley. Players with this rank can serve the ball to start the game. They know their position on the court and how it relates to other players. They know the rules for playing doubles, even if they haven’t done it yet.

Rating 2.5

When you have a 2.5 skill rating, you are better at playing pickleball, even if you can’t do it particularly fast paced. You’re a good hitter, although you’ll still struggle to cover the entire court. A 2.5-ranked player understands the rules and can keep score. They know which part of the court is the non-volley zone and what they can and cannot do in that area. The non-volley zone covers seven feet on each side of the net. Players may not stand in this zone to return a ball unless it has already bounced.

Rating 3.0

Players with a 3.0 skill rating can make good serves and return balls with a higher pace. They know all the basic strokes and can use them when needed. They may still not have control over where the ball is going, but they can hit it.

At this level, players learn new strokes such as lobs and dinks. A lob is when the player hits the ball in a high arc so it goes to the back of the opponent’s court. When used effectively, this stroke forces the opponent to move back from the net.

A dink is a soft hit where the ball lands in the opponent’s non-volley zone. Since there is less speed behind this shot and often not as high, it will be difficult for your opponent to return the ball offensively.

While 3.0 players learn and practice lobs and dinks, they won’t be very good at them. This is the perfect level to start learning different strokes. When you can mix your game, you also learn to understand strategy in a new way.

Players with a 3.0 rating know the basics of pickleball and are ready to play tournaments.

Rating 3.5

A person rated 3.5 is a reasonably good pickleball player. They have more control over where the ball goes when they hit it.

These players can return shots at a medium pace. They can also return fast paced shots, but may not have as much control of the ball or will miss some shots.

At this rating, players have a strong grip on the shots they’ve learned so far, which means it’s time to learn new ones. The backhand is particularly important to learn at this stage. Many players avoid it, but knowing how to backhand can strengthen you during the game.

Players at this level deliver good serves, even if they can’t control depth yet. They can keep a consistent rally, volley easily and mix up the hits they use during the game. They also understand how to use the non-volley zone to their advantage.

In addition to predicting the opponent’s shots, these players are ready to learn the strategy behind doubles. Although the general rules are the same, you need to be aware of your partner. Knowing how to work with them will help you both play a good game.

Rating 4.0

Pickleball players with a rating of 4.0 are close to mastering the game. Their shots are perfectly timed and controlled. They know many different shots, so they can vary their game enough to force their opponents to make mistakes.

Practicing spin helps to throw off other players, and this is a great time to practice it. Although a stroke will look smooth, it will spin out of control when it lands on the opponent’s side of the net. Spin can send the ball in a different direction, making it almost impossible to beat.

At this level, players know how to judge a dink and know whether to go for it or not. They can detect weaknesses in their opponents’ game and understand how the use of certain skills can work to their advantage.

They understand how these skills work with their doubles partner, so both players are at their best. Partners can now learn stacking, which is a way of keeping a player in a certain area of the court instead of using traditional positions.

Rating 4.5

When you reach rating 4.5, you have all the basics of pickleball nailed down. You know your position on the court and have mastered your footwork and the three basic shots. You can use spin on certain hits to make things more difficult for your opponent.

Serves at this level are always consistent and controlled. You can detect your opponent’s weaknesses and adjust your skills accordingly. Mixing up your punches and pace helps a lot at this stage because your opponent doesn’t know what’s coming next.

You work well with your partner at this level. You know where they will be and how they will hit, just as you know what to expect from the opponent. Instead of reacting to shots, you are always one step ahead.

Rating 5.0

Once you have a 5.0 rating, you have mastered all types of pickleball shots. You can understand what is coming at you before your opponent gets the ball over the net. You have total control over the pace and depth of your strokes.

Knowing where your opponent hits the ball means you can minimize your errors while varying your shots to force errors from them. You can vary your game and use spins, so your opponent doesn’t know what comes next.

At this level, speed is the key to developing your game. Knowing how to move quickly on the court will result in better play.

Rating 5.5+

Players with a rating of 5.5 and above are at the top of their game. They consistently win tournaments, always play exceptional games and stay safe while doing so.

Knowing the pickleball rating will ensure you get the best matched player for your games.

If you’re familiar with pickleball, you may already have an idea of where you are in the USAPA rankings. Understanding the rating system in pickleball not only tells you how skilled you are but also lets you know what to work on.

All athletes want to get better at their game and pickleball players are no different. When you find your rating, you can look at the levels above you and know what you need to improve in your skills. As well as practicing on the court and playing with others, you can study the game to improve your rating.


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